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Other Diabetes Medications: Cycloset (bromocriptine) and Welchol (colesevelam))

Editor's Note: The following diabetes medications were not listed in NIH Publication No. 11-4222 October 2010, and are included here for completeness.

Cycloset (bromocriptine) is an older drug used for Parkinson's disease and for some pituitary tumors that also has some effectiveness in lowering blood sugar in type 2 diabetes . It can cause low blood pressure, fainting, and may worsen psychotic disorders.

Welchol (colesevelam) is in a class of medications called bile acid sequestrants. It was originally approved for use to lower cholesterol, and was found to lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes when used with other diabetes drugs.

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Author: William W Quick MD
New March 26, 2012


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